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Saffiro Tire is a United States based company located in Los Angeles, California. Saffiro Tire is involved in selling and distributing Saffiro tires to the 50 states and internationally. We offer an extensive selection of passenger, UHP, light truck, trailer, and TBR tires. With an annual combined factory  capacity in the millions, we have the ability to supply any size dealer.

Saffiro tires are manufactured for the driving enthusiast. We always strive to anticipate consumer trends while creating value in our brand. Our tire sizing, tread patterns and rubber compounds combine modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. This technology has helped us create some of the best looking and best performing tire designs on the market today. These memorable designs are the result of state-of-the-art development, quality engineering and rigorous testing procedures.

We strive to be the leader in the tire business by differentiating ourselves from the competition by offering exceptional service and superior products through the most knowledgeable trained staff in the industry.  Our mission is to provide our customers with not just the highest quality products, but unparalleled,  exceptionally high value products at a reasonable price.

At Saffiro Tire, it is our commitment to establish and build long term relationships with our valued customers through professional and dedicated members of our team. Saffiro Tire is completely dedicated to  giving each and every customer the exceptional experience. It’s not enough to gratify our customers, but to persuade everyone that there will be no reason for them to consider another competitor for tires.

For additional info, please contact us, send your inquiries to info@saffirotires.com

or call us at 562.340-6252